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Saenz Waste Management

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Issue 1 of Howls From The Margin

Another new skateboard magazine. And this one is quite undifferent than any other one: hopelessly materialistic, blinded by nostalgia, moronic hero-worshipping, indestructibly young at heart.

Every issue deals of HOWLS FROM THE MARGIN with one single skateboard, phaenomenon or graphic. The first issue showcases a bootleg I created of the Doug Saenz Pro Model Skateboard by Consolidated from 1995 off of a very low res jpeg file.

Recently, I watched his part in Consolidated No. 1 over and over, again. But don’t ask me why! Don’t even ask why I bootlegged this one single skateboard! Let’s figure it out together!

Limited to 50 copies. Each copy comes with a free doming sticker!